Gull Fin Socks


The Gull Fin Socks are low cut socks, and 2mm in thickness. Designed specifically to help reduce abrasions and blisters from long hours of snorkelling, scuba diving or free diving.




Gull Fin Socks

Gull Fin Socks comes with an star-shaped anti-skid design on its sole. This feature provides better grip and act as a support to prevent any slippage when diving with full foot fins. It also comes with a drain hole to help you easily remove the socks when you surface back to shore. The split toe allows them to be worn with flip-flops.

Bearing the special characteristics of Gull rubber fins in mind, Gull make socks that are specifically designed for Gull fins promoting more efficient fin work.

The Fin Socks can be used for Professional, Recreation, Lukewarm Waters and other purposes. The Fin Socks can be used by divers of any level of experience.

  • On the bottom of the sock, there are non-slip areas and two water drainage holes.
  • Lightweight and the split toe enables flip flops to be worn.
  • Wear them for scuba diving, skin diving, or any kind of other marine sports.

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