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SINCE 1994

Your Complete

Scuba Dive Equipment Store


Welcome to Waikiki Dive Centre, Singapore. We have been in the diving industry since 1994, and have been working towards customer’s satisfaction. You will be able to find all your scuba dive equipment needs from us. 

We have ready stock on equipment for scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, and any other watersports for purchase at Waikiki Dive Centre. So you can rest assured that we carry the most variety to suit anyone, and any size.

Not only do we sell scuba dive equipment, we offer other essential service to make your experience complete. Dive gear servicing of scuba regulator, battery change, air refill, or Helium refill services are offered. 

Come on down to Waikiki Dive Centre today!

Dive Gear Rental:

We offer diving gears rental for scuba diving, photo shoot, snorkelling and other water activities.

It’s sometimes recommended to rent the gears here in Singapore and bring it overseas diving trip. This is to ensure that you have the correct size fitting on the dive gears.

Our Shop Catalogue:

An extensive list of scuba dive equipment we have


Do browse through the list of scuba dive equipment we have. They can also be used for other watersports activity. As we are having new items in store all the time, it will be great that you come by to our dive store to see what we have.


Scuba dive equipment servicing should be done annually or as per manufacturer’s recommendation. This ensures that your gear is always trustworthy and keeping you safe!

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