SP Gadgets Remote Pole

Simply clip your GoPro® Wi-Fi Remote or Smart Remote into the housing and you are ready for one-handed telescopic handle filming. The Remote Pole by SP-Gadgets can be extended and twist-locked, and is available in the following lengths:

23 Inch: 10.75-23″ (276-582 mm) & 39 Inch: 13.6–39” (349-986 mm)

Your GoPro® Camera will attach to it without any extra parts. The dual-diameter remote grip keeps the pole firmly in your hand, yet still allowing you to use the remote at the same time.

Compatibility: All GoPro cameras



SP Gadgets Remote Pole features

  • Extends up to 23″/39”
  • GoPro® WI-FI Remote and Smart Remote Housing
  • Direct GoPro® Camera Attachment
  • Dual-Diameter Soft-Touch Remote Grip
  • New 360° Swivel Head
  • Adjustable Wrist Strap

GoPro® Camera and WiFi-Remote® not included.