Scubapro D-Flex 2mm Gloves

The D-Flex 2mm glove delivers the perfect balance of warmth and protection for tropical diving. This super-soft glove offers a lot of flexibility for maximum finger dexterity, plus its contoured shape provides a comfortable fit. A textured non-slip palm lets you maintain a good grip.

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Scubapro D-Flex 2mm Gloves

Drawing on Scubapro’s years of experience in scuba wears, and their vision to produce the most innovative and highest quality products, comes the Scubapro D-Flex 2mm Gloves.

Made from ultra stretch neoprene, this set of diving gloves provides maximum flexibility for fingers. Moreover, with its contour shape design, this set of gloves provides a really comfortable fit. The gloves also comes with a textured non-slip palm, which provides divers with a better grip.

Great for use in tropical waters, where temperature of waters are more moderate.

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