Scubapro Aladdin Sport

Different divers have different tastes, priorities and skill levels. Some want their dive computers fully loaded, while others prefer more simple systems that focus only on the functions they do use. The new Scubapro Aladin Sport caters to the latter group.

A single gas dive computer, it features Scubapro’s time-proven ZHL-8 ADT MB algorithm, full watch functions, an effective back light, visual and audible alarms, and a three-color nitrogen loading bar graph that makes it easy to track tissue loading.

Besides that, it also comes with a variable ascent monitor, thus allowing you to keep an eye on your ascent rate and ensure a safe dive experience throughout.

Equipped with three modes: Scuba, Freediving and Gauge.

Offering just the right balance of features, functions and price, the Aladin Sport is suitable for entry-level divers as well as veteran divers who are on a budget. It is also an affordable choice for freedivers and technical divers, and an excellent backup computer for all divers.

The Aladin Sport is a solid all-round computer, available as a wrist mount or in two- or three-gauge consoles.



Scubapro Aladin Sport

Technical Information

  • Nitrox compatible 21-50% in 1% increments.
  • Three modes: Deco, Apnea and Gauge.
  • Reset function is ideal for dive rentals.
  • 12 and 24 hour mode.
  • Automatc safety stop with user adjustable timer.
  • Full watch functions.
  • Adjustable ppO2 between 1.0 and 1.6bar.
  • Maximum operating depth: 120m/394ft.
  • Back light.
  • Visual and audible alarms.
  • Dive/Apnea logs can be stored and analyzed with a PC/Mac via infrared technology.
  • CR2450 user replaceable battery rated for two years/300 dives.