Problue Tiara 2 Snorkel


‧Streamlined oval-shaped barrel and semi-dry top.
‧Splash-guard against water entering at the surface.
‧Patented quick-release and swivel keeper to make the snorkel easy joint the mask strap.
‧Black silicone flex-section & mouthpiece. Easy purge system with large self draining chamber.


Problue Tiara 2 Snorkel

The Problue Tiara 2 Snorkel is a simply designed, semi dry snorkel. It features a splash guard on the top, which helps minimise water entry, and a purge valve on the bottom to help you clear your snorkel in an easier fashion.

Made from high grade silicone, it is very durable. The mouthpiece is also very comfortable to bite on as well. You can be sure that you’ll face less jaw fatigue with this snorkel. It also comes with a patented quick-release and swivel keeper, allowing you to easily hook up your mask to the snorkel.

Available in a wide range of colours, this snorkel is not only functional but also very fashionable as well. So, for all those divers who are conscious about your looks, you will definitely be in for a treat!

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Trans Blue, White, Clear, Black Black, Black Metal Blue, Black Metal Ruby, Metal Navy Blue, Metal Ruby, Peach, Black G Orange