Problue GU-3610 3 Console Gauge

Problue GU-3610 3 Console Gauge comes in pressure, depth and compass into one. You can read pressure and depth while using compass for direction!



Problue GU-3610 3 Console Gauge

Problue GU-3610 3 Console Gauge is a reliable performance and compact design mini 3 console gauges, metric system in the pressure gauge and depth gauge, included compact compass. The compass has high strength magnet that provide fast and positive response. It is 53 mm diameter, has high visibility luminous display and is CE EN 250 approved. It is convenient to have all 3 into 1 and you can read both pressure and depth gauge while using compass for direction!

Grease the zip with 500psi silicone pump spray to prevent rust and you can use the bag for as long as you need it! This silicone pump spray also can be used on any rubber product, such as mouthpiece, hoses and etc., for preservative and lubricant. It is quality food grade silicone and does not contains fluorocarbons.

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