Problue Free Diving Snorkel SN-1088T



Problue Free Diving Snorkel SN-1088T

The Problue Free Diving Snorkel SN-1088T is a snorkel designed specifically for deep spear fishing and free diving. Made from special polymers, this dive snorkel has excellent shape memory, allowing it to be bent against objects such as rocks, wrecks and overhangs but yet still springing back to the original shape without damage.

Adopting a classic “J”-Style design that has been tried and proven, the simple design makes it highly reliable as compared to the other newer Hi-Tech snorkels out on the market. No fancy splash guard or valves on top or bottom, if you can blast clear a snorkel then this is what you would want.

Lightweight with positive buoyancy, it is able to float on water.

Comes with a standard snorkel holder to secure it properly to your mask strap. Available in only black colour.