Problue BG-8580 Multiple Pocket



Problue BG-8580 Multiple Pocket

Open up options to add more accessories with the Problue Accessory Pouch.

Made from standard Nylon, this accessory pocket is very durable. It features a velcro closure for you to secure your accessories, and is designed to be mounted on any standard nylon weight belts. It also features a grommeted drain hole for easy drainage when you surface back to land, and a D-ring for easy clip-on to any BCDs.

Perfectly sized for single or double reef hook.

Now you no longer have to be troubled about not having enough space for your little accessories.


  • 420 denier nylon and PVC mesh.
  • YKK #5 Delrin zipper and slider.
  • Attaches by sliding over the end of any 2” webbing.
  • The pocket can storage AC-92 series fingers spool and AC-37 series alert marker or mini torch etc…
  • Dimensions:(L) 15cm x (W) 11.5cm x (H) 17.8cm
  • Dimensions:(L) 5.9” x (W) 4.5” x (H) 7” (inches)