OMS Smartstream Signature Bcd


The SmartStream has been uniquely developed as the first adjustable Harness to fit all shape and sizes. By pulling the waist straps forward, the shoulder straps secure the divers’s shoulders and back, allowing ultimate adjustment tio be achieved.

The harness can be loosened to ease donning and doffing with out a break in the system. The harness uses  11.5ft (3.5cm) of 2″ nylon webbing with 6 stainless steel D-Ring.



OMS Smartstream Signature Bcd

OMS Smartstream Signature Bcd is developed to alleviate adjustment challenges which may arise while donning a heavy rig with webbing without compromising from the continuous loop. Whether when donning the wing/harness or underwater, divers can make necessary adjustments by pulling the waist straps forward, through specially designed loops, tightening the shoulder straps and securing the wing/tanks to the diver’s shoulders and back. Proper adjustments can be instantly achieved by using this system while it is also possible to thread the webbing in the classic DIR way with pre-adjustments.

The uniquely adjustable OMS SmartStream system allows the use of OMS weight pockets or, if the pockets are not required, a loop to hold a canister light.

This modular system gives you the choice to use the harness in three configurations.

    • On the fly adjustable easy on-and-off with OMS vertical weight pockets
    • On the fly adjustable easy on-and-off without weight pockets / with canister holder loop & extra buckle
    • Standard “DIR” configuration with pre-adjusted harness settings

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