Mares Star LiquidSkin Mask

Sorry, this item is now discontinued

Technical Features

LiquidSkin now available on the most compact mask

LiquidSkin technology
Low internal volume
Ideal for apneist and free diving too


Sorry, this item is now discontinued You may be interested in these alternative products.

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Mares Star LiquidSkin Mask

Mares Star LiquidSkin Mask has the geometry of the Star, it is  optimised by greatly reducing the distance between the lens and the eyes, working with the angle of the glass and construction of the nose on the skirt. This allows for better vision and perception of distance. Merged with LiquidSkin technology, Star incorporates all the best solutions available on the market.

The mask is the lowest volume of the mares mask fleet. Using the LiquidSkin material, the mask will seal to the face seamlessly. Highly recommended to all free divers, so compact and small. It is also a great mask for technical diver as a back up mask.