Mares Magellan BCD

  • integrated quick-release weight system
  • optional trim weight (to be placed on the tank band)
  • foldable with no rigid backpack
  • strap loop backpack feature for easy adjustment
  • 1 roll-up pocket
  • concave ergonomic shoulders

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Mares Magellan BCD

  • True Travel BCD
  • Rear / Back Inflation Bladder Design
  • Innovative New Strap System for Increased Comfort!
  • Trouble free for both male and female divers
  • Extremely Light Weight: Size Small/Medium Weighing Only 2 kg (5 lb)
  • High Lift: 18.3 kg (38 lb)
  • High Quality, Compressible and Durable Material: On Shoulders, Back, and Weight Pocket & Greater Comfort
  • Integrated Quick Release Weight System: Simple and Easy to Operate, Vary in Size Depending On Size; XL Two 6 kg (13 lb) Capacity Pockets, M/L and XS/S; 4 kg (9 s.), Inside Hook and Loop to Section Pocket Capacity, Zippered Closure for Positive Weight Retention, Optional Trim Weight Pocket System & Trim Weight Pocket Capacity
  • Construction: Air Cell; Durable 420 Cordura Nylon Fabric, Urethane Internal Laminate w/Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Seams & Weight Pockets; Durable Polyester 600 and ABS Plastic Material
  • Large Folding and Self-Draining Pocket for Accessory Storage
  • Aluminum D-Rings: Two 40 mm (1.6 in) D-Rings Below Weight Pockets, Two 25 mm (1 in) D-Rings On Shoulder Straps & Multiple Accessory Attachment Points
  • Torso Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Adjustable Chest and Waist Straps
  • All Straps Equipped with Squeeze-Style Side Release Buckles for Easy Donning/Doffing
  • Concave Ergonomic Shoulders (patent pending) Increased Comfort in Chest/Shoulder Area
  • Provides Trouble Free Comfort for Female Divers
  • Maximum Comfort and Freedom of Movement
  • Three Pull-Dump/Over-pressure Relief Valves: One Incorporated into Top of Ergo Inflator, One-On Right Shoulder, Third Located on Rear Lower Right of Bladder & Easy Activation; Pull Cords and Cable Activated Ergo Inflator Valve
  • Mares Ergo Inflator: Intuitive Use and Secure Grip & Comes with 3/8 inch Threaded LP Quick-Disconnect Hose
  • Foldable Non-Ridged Backpack for Compact Transport
  • Strap Loop Backpack Feature for Easy Adjustment

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