IST SBR-2 Stage Bottle Rigging

  • For Cylinder 177mm~184mm(7”~7.25”)
  • Webbing: 2.5cm(1”) nylon webbing
  • Snaps and cylinder band: Stainless steel


This simple yet effective IST SBR-2 Stage Bottle Rigging for 177 to 184 mm (7 to 7.25 inch) diameter cylinders allows quick and tidy set up of a stage bottle or sidemount cylinder to be carried along side the torso.

Suitable for 9, 10.5 and 12.2 (standard) litre Faber steel cylinders, plus S80 and C95 Catalina aluminium cylinders.

Rubber bands with pull tab keeps hoses tidily arranged until required.

Heavy-duty stainless steel pipe band is enclosed in a dedicated nylon sleeve to protect the cylinder’s exterior finishing.