IST MP207 Gauge Mask




IST MP207 Gauge Mask

The IST MP207 Gauge Mask is a twin lens mask, with built-in bifocal lens. The IST MP207 Gauge mask provides an affordable alternative to changing the lenses in the mask. With the bi-focal lenses, divers can now say goodbye to the days when they struggled to read numbers on the instruments underwater.

The top lens is clear with no prescription (plano), while the bottom is incorporated with magnification lenses of +1.75 dioptre. With this design, divers get to enjoy clear vision through the main lenses, while being able to look down and see everything closer and BIGGER.

The mask is ideal for photographers, video enthusiast, divers who need more clarity for their gauges, and also anyone who is looking to have a little visual boost.

Colours are available in: CB, C, BS

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Black, Blue, Clear