IST MP112 Burano Mask


It is a single lens mask that offer an expansive field of view and with ultra-soft silicone for comfort to the face.

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IST MP112 Burano Mask

IST MP112 Burano Mask is a single lens offering an expansive field of view and combined with an ultra-soft hypoallergenic silicone skirt that seals tight against the face without sacrificing comfort which makes the Burano mask a reliable choice for avid scuba divers. The lens is made of tempered-glass and is scratch-resistant. The easy-grab nose pocket makes it easy for equalizing, and a skirt-mounted buckle system ensures the perfect fit and is easy to adjust the strap.

  • Ultra soft and comfortable hypoallergenic silicone mask
  • Easy to equalise with easy-grab nose pocket
  • Single lens for panoramic underwater view
  • Tempered-glass and scratch-resistant lens
  • Metal-Like color painting technology
  • Available in Black silicone or clear silicone

Having trouble with fogging even though you have applied anti-fog solution? Use 500psi mask scrub solution to help improve anti-fog! This mask scrub solution is specially formulated to clean new and used mask lens prior to defogging.

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