Inon Fisheye Lens UFL-M150 ZM80

Introducing the Inon Fisheye Lens UFL-M150 ZM80. This lens provides a 150° ultra-wide angle fisheye view for a whole new perspective on macro subjects as close as 0 cm. Just simply attach the lens with an appropriate adapter, set your camera to the correct settings and let the fun begin!

Unlike standard fisheye lenses, this macro lens allows you to fill the frame with very small subjects while still getting a fisheye view shot. The lens barrel is threaded to adjust the lens position to accommodate different cameras. And since it is an afocal conversion lens, the camera’s autofocus remains fully functional and the S-TTL functionality of Inon strobes is totally compatible.

Works well with the Fix S90 and S95 , Nauticam S100, S110, S120 housings, and most point and shoot cameras. Though for certain cases, you may need to use a 67mm adapter and a 52mm to 67mm step-up ring.

Things to take note, this product is designed for underwater use only and is not usable on land.

For more information on the look and design of the product, please refer to the image gallery.