Gull Vader Mask UV420


Gull Vader Mask is made 100% in Japan, the mask are available in any colours for both male and female divers. With several colours to choose from, we are sure that there will be one suitable for your next underwater adventure. The mask is absolutely stunning for divers whom wants an great selfie. The UV420 cut lens offers superb underwater vision. As the mask does not have a mask bridge. It offers a superb vision for all divers.

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Gull Vader Mask UV420

Gull Vader Mask UV420 will block 98% of the UV light on land and underwater. UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C wavelength. The blockage will also take away the glare of the visible light.

The mask offers a low volume design, which allow the divers to clear the mask effortlessly. The DX buckle system allows divers to adjust the mask easily on surface and underwater.

Gull Vader Mask is of the GULL Mask Series;

  • Ultra low volume gives you wider view of field;
  • Single lens for wide angle with UV-coating give you extra protection;
  • One of a handful of masks that fits almost all faces;
  • More comfortable design with 100% soft silicone skirt and strap gives you a comfortable seal and no ring will be left on your face;
  • Easily adjusted integrated, swivel buckles;
  • Inclination 10 degrees; The lens shape and inclination angle work together to extend the mask’s downward field of view toward the chest level. This helps with essential diving maneuvers that are carried out at the chest level.
  • Drain Skirt; The drain skirt design improves water expulsion when clearing the mask and also minimizes water pooling.

The UV420 CUT lens is able to block harmful HEV (high-energy visible light in the 400 to 420 nm spectrum) which causes oxidative stress and deterioration of *lutein in your eye. Lutein is said to act as natural sunglasses. It is present as a pigment in the retina, a crucial part of the eye that receives light and allows you to see. The UV420 lens prevents cumulative macular degeneration by blocking harmful light and has an anti-oxidant effect. Lutein is destroyed when it absorbs harmful light. Its presence in the retina is limited and, because the body cannot make lutein, it can only be replaced by eating lutein-rich food.

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