Gull Trekker Carry Bag III

Travelling around the world with all your scuba gears can be quite a hassle at times. Especially, when you own a huge collection of them. But fret not, as the Gull Trekker Carry Bag III is here!

The 3rd iteration from the ever popular Gull Trekker Bag, this dive bag has kept all its previously best-selling features, and pushed its specs even further.

Previously able to hold a capacity of 70L only, it is now able to accommodate a whopping 112L of loading capacity! Elegantly shaped and strategically crafted, this dive bag now comes with a lower and upper bag compartment. Thus, giving you more option to play with the weight management. Should your bag ever exceeds the weight limit for check-in purposes, you can easily adjust the weight by separating the upper compartment.



Gull Trekker Carry Bag III

Made from plastic case and polyester, this dive bag is lightweight (4.9kg) and provides a good protection all round. It still comes with several convenient storage pockets. Handy for stowing accessories and smaller items.

Specification :

Material Polyester : 600D
Outer dimensions : W43 × D42 × H72 cm
Lower bag W43 × D30 × H72 cm
Upper bag W43 × D12 × H72 cm
Weight : 4.9 kg (Lower bag 4.1 kg, upper bag 0.8 kg
Capacity : 112 L (Lower bag 80 L , upper bag 32 L)