Gull Snorkelling Mesh Bag


Designed to meet your individual diving scene, Gull bags come in all sorts of sizes and styles ranging from boxy utilitarian designs, to trendy smart accessories.

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Gull Snorkelling Mesh Bag

Gull Snorkelling Mesh Bag is just the right size to fit your snorkeling, skin diving gear and other marine equipment. You can fit in all your light gear inside, including a wetsuit, and even rinse it all in the bag.

This makes it much easier to carry all your gears compactly stowed in a bag, which make the convenience of this compact bag to simplify your snorkeling, skin diving experience and other marine experiences. The neoprene handle makes it softer on hands and also cushions your shoulder while carrying. This is the kind of marine-sports bag that makes life easier for scuba diving, skin diving, snorkelling and other water-sport activities.

  • Size: W62×D25×H25cm
  • Capacity: approx.38L
  • Neoprene handle is softer on hands and cushions shoulder carrying.

Established in 1995, Gull has an extended history in research and development and remains today’s leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality scuba diving equipment. Gull continues to push beyond outdated diving conventions so that you continue to better enjoy your underwater experiences safely, comfortably, and efficiently.

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