Gull Mantis LV Mask


Gull Mantis LV Dive Mask is a low volume, twin lens mask that is ideal for skin diving and scuba diving. Fitted with UV420 lens, the Gull Mantis LV Dive Mask protect the eyes by cutting off the ultraviolet rays + near infrared lights.

The inclination angle of 10 degree and shape of the lens work together to extend the downward field of vision. You can see better through the arc down to chest level, which is where most diving tasks are carried out.



Gull Mantis LV Mask

Gull Mantis LV Mask is one of the GULL Mask Series that will amaze you.

Ultra low volume gives you wider view of field

Gull Mantis LV mask has a unique single lens for wide angle with UV-coating give you extra protection. The UV coating will take away the harmful UV rays that reflects to your eyes upon surfacing the water.

One of a handful of masks that fits almost all faces.

More comfortable design with 100% soft silicone skirt and strap gives you a comfortable seal and no ring will be left on your face

Easily adjusted integrated, swivel buckles

Integrated with skirt, strap with curl lip

With an integrated strap pulling directly from the skirt and a curl lip holding the mask against your face, you enjoy a gentle but effective seal. And the mask is less likely to leave impressions on your skin.

Soft damper

Due to pressure squeeze and other causes, the frames of masks that provide improved downward field of view usually tend to exert more pressure on the cheekbones. The soft damper relieves this stress.

Drain skirt

The drain skirt is designed to improve water expulsion during mask clearance and to prevent water from pooling. This allows easy clearing of water in the mask.

Low volume

Inner vol. 110 cc; weight 220 g
Retaining the same great Mantis fit, we have reduced the mask volume.
(about 34% less than previous model)

Low volume also allow the mask to be nearer to the eyes. Which increase the field of vision tremendously.

DX spec mask buckle enables one-handed release

Using the release button, even wearing thick gloves, you can easily release the mask one handed. While diving, it’s simple to adjust the mask using the easy- grip strap ends and slip-rotor system. You also get a finer degree of adjustment.

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EVN Yellow, MDN Purple, MT Glass White