Gull Cocoloa Mew Fins


Gull Cocoloa Mew Diving Fins feature the limited-edition colour versions of full-foot Mew fins appear in the cocoloa brand of scuba diving products designed to appeal to women.



Gull Cocoloa Mew Fins

Gull Cocoloa Mew Fins deliver excellent propulsion and are great for use in scuba diving and skin diving.

The foot pocket is formed using a thin and pilant rubber materials which makes the fins easy to put on and take off.

With fins designed to make optimal use of the resilient properties of rubber, firmly catching the water, from the start to the end of the kick cycle, you get solid propulsion.

The ribs on the Mew are designed with the down kick in mind. At this time when power is most easily converted to propulsion, Mew Fins firmly catch the water. Providing pleasing response to strong or subtle kicks, they suit a variety of conditions and are loved by both power divers and occasional divers, who have different leg strengths.

  • Foot pocket designed that makes the fins easy to put on and take off
  • Blade tip shaped that deliver solid propulsion

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