Gull Cocoloa 2mm Topper


Gull Cocoloa 2mm Topper adopts a 2mm neoprene double-sided jersey fabric, providing excellent heat retention for both scuba diving or snorkelling. Not only heat retention, but also “cuteness” is an important point.



Gull Cocoloa 2mm Topper

Gull Cocoloa 2mm Topper is a jacket with 2mm thickness and is made of superstretch fabric. This makes it easy to don and doff the topper while providing good warmth insulation and flexibility underwater. Highly recommended for Scuba Diving and snorkelling.

  • 2mm thickness jacket
  • superstetch fabric
  • warm insulation and flexible
  • Suitable for scuba diving and snorkelling

Cocoloa was founded in 2010 and its goal is to be a brand that grows together with everyone who loves the sea and nature.  They focus on the basics of “Hawaii” and “diving” which inspired the brand. They will propose styles for women who want to be energetic, cute and beautiful. The name Cocoloa is a combination of the mask “COCO” developed by GULL and the Hawaiian goddess of the sea “Kanaloa”

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