Dive1 F.25 Marine Fabric BC System


SPECIAL EDITION MARINE FABRIC FORMULA [F-SERIES] BCD utilizes high performance composite textiles manufactured in the USA. These fabrics stand up to the intense sun and harsh weather (field tested 7/24/365) without fading, stretching, or fraying.



Dive1 F.25 Marine Fabric BC System

Dive1 F.25 Marine Fabric BC System is part of a limited edition series. This is a single tank wing and a one size fits all front adjustable harness set up.

The inner bladder is TPU coated 420 denier high tenacity nylon, HF welded edges, and HF welded polyurethane flanges from HYDPRO. Thus making it durable.

The Outer bladder is constructed with DIVE1 Marine Fabric. It is a lamination of two plies of specially developed vinyl with an inner supportive core fabric woven from high strength polyester; treated with an exclusive coating for worry free solution to stay true to its original colours. Built to repel the elements and withstand the rigours of the marine environment.


  • Two inch Tetoron webbing
  • 6 two inch hard coat natural matte anodized aluminum D-ring (2 angled  D-rings underneath the collar, 2 on the hips or waist, and 2 on the crotch strap) or Stainless Steel
  • Hard coat natural matte anodized aluminum or Stainless Steel waist buckle
  • Removable two inch soft Tetoron crotch strap with neoprene padding
  • Removable and adjustable soft neoprene shoulder pads for maximum comfort
  • Hard coat 90um anodized aluminum single tank adapter with adjustable tank straps for preset diameters
  • Extra pair of 5lbs trim weight pockets
  • Removable (repositionable) 3M SOLAS reflector airway strap
  • Removable chest strap


  • Inflator: HYDPRO Q01K
  • Dump Valves: 2x HYDPRO P04 Sharp
  • Wing stripes: Steel with gray & black stripes, all rest black stripes
  • Tank straps: 2x Tetoron straps with Acetate CAM buckles
  • Tank adapter: Single tank [hardcoat Aluminum]
  • Integrated weight pockets: Soft backplate only
  • Trim weight pockets: 2x 5lbs with hook & loop enclosure straps
  • Crotch strap: YES
  • D-rings: 2 Angled, 2 standard, 2 standard on crotch strap
  • Warranty: 2years Limited

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Marine White, Coastline Bay Blue, Marine Black