Cressi Scorpion BCD

– Dorsal Bladder Development
– Last 420 Nylon Bladder –
Cressi Lock-Aid System Built-in
Rear Lateral Positioning System – 3 deflation bleeds: one on the upper part of the hose, one with control carried
on the right side of the shoulder and the third on the lower right side of the bladder
– 2 rings D-ring of 50 mm aluminum on the shoulder straps
– 2 rings D-ring of 25 mm aluminum on the pockets
– Harnesses Ultralight
RIB – New Generation Anatomic Inflator with Hose Support
– Multi-Function Pockets with Zipper and Pockets for Leads Inside
– 40 mm shoulder straps with quick-release buckles
– Adjustable side lobes



SCORPION is a multi- purpose 100% backpack volume stabilizer for all types of diving, with a robust but lightweight construction (2450 kg size M) and a low transport volume but robust and very flexible.

The harness system, completely independent of the bag, ensures absolute stability of the jacket on the diver and completely releases the pectoral, axillary and abdominal area of ​​the oppression due to the expansion of the bag towards the outside of the dorsal zone and surrounding the bottle. Its pattern and layout of its atalages make it a 100% unisex product.

Braces with internal seams to avoid any friction, even in diving without combination.

Ventral trench with pulley effect tension system that guarantees optimal fixation of this critical point for the stability of the jacket on the body. Tensioning is done by moving the webbing rings 90º outward rather than to the sides.

Abdominal area with low profile lobes and large accessory pockets with zipper.

Dorsal inner tube with high lifting capacity (19 kg size M) but with an external storage space always contained, thanks to the elastic tensioners of confinement which have for additional mission to facilitate the maneuver of emptying and to avoid any displacement of air during diving which could cause instability.

Foldable structure very useful for the storage of the jacket especially in the case where there is little space in the bag (diving trips). However, unlike many “travel” BCs, the stability of the underwater bottle is not compromised by the stiffness of the padding, the configuration of the inner tube that guides the bottle and the double strap.

Harness fully covered with a comfortable, closed-cell, closed-cell floating cushion that prevents water or air from accumulating and reduces the inherent buoyancy of the jacket and facilitates quick drying.

LAS (Lock Aid System) 2.0, vertical in line with the bottle behind the pockets and perfectly integrated in the profile of the jacket. This system, according to the Cressi tradition, guarantees a maximum ease of insertion and disinsertion of the ballast safely against accidental losses, because its anchors incorporate a spring effect (patented) in anticipation of accidental clashes.

Direct system inflator : Double metal filter in the air inlet under the stem and cylindrical around the valve.

Very robust body and attractive design.

Re-calibrated inflation rate , 50% higher (traditional size M vest in 4 seconds at 1 atm).

Anti-sand design with minimized mouth inflation nozzle.

Push-button with a big release of its seat to avoid the blocking action of the grains of sand.

Drain push button with silicone washer.

Inflation button built into the profile to prevent unwanted swelling when stretching the trachea to empty it.

New trachea very resistant to very progressive curvature. Integrated pipe guide collar.

New low profile top discharge valve with non-return valve to prevent accidental entry of water.

4 ABS rings.

“Y” pipe support.

Combination of 420 D Nylon + 3 other fabrics.

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