Cressi Gorilla Pro Dry Bag

Cressi Gorilla Pro Dry Bag

Ideal for carrying your free diving fins, or swimming accessories while keeping your car boot dry. This large dry bag is your best watertight solution when carrying any wet gear.

This product has been discontinued.



Cressi Gorilla Pro Dry Bag

This is an extra spacious version of Cressi gorilla bag. It can be perfectly used to carry and transport long fins. It could also be capably used for the transportation of bulky equipment. It is a dry bag duffle, cylindrical in shape, with its drawstring closure at its top. This cressi gorilla pro dry bag from Cressi is a heavy-duty bag which is water resistance and perfectly suitable for all your diving purposes.

Some of the Cressi Gorilla Pro Dry Bag features are:

  • It has been specially made for the gara fin.
  • Its water resistance zipper makes it much more durable.
  • It comes done with the high frequency welding.
  • This Cressi gorilla bag has the capacity of 135 liters.
  • It has a release cap, which is a slight more than any normal cap of any bag.
  • This bag weighs 1.5 Kg or 3.5 lbs, when empty.
  • It has additional watertight side pocket, where you can keep those objects, which are to be kept away from the reach of water.

These specifics are the exemplary features for any gorilla bag to be the best of its kind and this bag from Cressi has all of it.