Cressi Frog Plus EBS Fins


The Cressi Frog Plus EBS Diving Fins with Elastic Bungee System (EBS) are Cressi’s latest addition to its extensive line of world renowned scuba diving fins.



Cressi Frog Plus EBS Fins

Cressi Frog Plus EBS Fins features many of the great characteristics of a traditional paddle fin and introducing a revolutionary new blade material that is extremely durable and nearly indestructible. The material is so durable and flexible you can bend the fin over onto itself without fear of cracking or breaking the fin blade. This makes this fin the most durable of its kind.

Cressi has developed this special strap to meet the needs of the most demanding divers, who need a comfortable fastening for their foot but one that is still practical and manageable. Its special amply sized slot makes it very easy to put on, even when wearing thick gloves or three-fingered gloves for winter water. The wrapping section is highly flexible, making adjustments unnecessary, and as a result it’s much easier to get all your equipment right in the first few meters of your descent and the fin stays in place against your foot despite the increase in hydrostatic pressure.

  • Revolutionary Blade Three-Material Design
  • Foot Pocket: Rubber
  • Blade: Techno-Polymer
  • Channels: Silicone Based Material
  • Patented Foot Pocket Design Increases Blade Area by 20%
  • Dual Density Techno Polymer Blade Provides Power
  • Silicone Based Blade Inserts Provides Channeling
  • Easy, Nearly Effortless Kick
  • Provides Power for Most Diving Situations
  • Ultra-Durable and Nearly Indestructible
  • Elastic Bungee System (EBS): Easy to Use and No Adjustments Needed, Large Grab Tab Loop, Easy Donning and Doffing, Grab Tab Loop: Works Well with Heavy Gloves, Extremely Comfortable, Depth Compensating Design, Forget-About-It Adjusting & Construction: Rubber Bungee and Plastic Buckles
  • Blade Dimensions: (L x W) 57.4 cm to 68.6 cm (22.6″ to 27″), Size Dependent
  • Weight: 680.4 g to 998 g (24 oz to 35.2 oz), Size Dependent

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