Atomic Aquatics Z2 Octopus


Even the high-end octos of most dive manufacturers cannot match the performance of their most affordable Atomic Z2 OCTO. That’s because they don’t cut corners. Like the entire Atomic OCTO line, the Z2 is a clone of the Z2 primary Second Stage. Pair it confidently with any Atomic primary and know it will perform reliably and effortlessly.

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Atomic Aquatics Z2 Octopus

The Atomic Aquatics Z2 Octopus is highly reliable, and the most compact and economical regulator system in the Atomic family. With critical metal components, made of Titanium or 316 Stainless Steel, it is completely corrosion proof.

Atomic Aquatics developed a Zirconium over Chrome over Brass plating process to deliver corrosion-resistance 3-4 times that of conventional chrome plating. With this, you can now have a peace of mind that your equipment is more durable and performs as if its new every time you dive.

Suitable for recreational divers of all levels, this Octopus regulator is highly affordable as well.


  • A perfect complement to any of our regulator systems, the Z2 OCTO is an affordable Safe Second for any dive rig. Zirconium-plated Brass and Titanium metal components, make this OCTO a real workhorse.

  • Patented Atomic AFC – Automatic Flow Control with Rapid Adjustment Knob for manual detuning in special situations.

  • Patented Atomic Titanium Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice prevents wear of the low-pressure seat that extends the service interval and improves reliability.

  • Compact with a low profile exhaust deflector that fits easily into pockets.

  • Bright Neon Yellow flexible front cover for high visibility.

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