Atomic B2 Octopus

The Atomic B2 is the perfect travel octopus because its made of a a light weight and housing with all the internal parts being made of titanium, which offers a lighter, corrosion resistant air barrel, spring and lever, making it ideal, especially for remote diving destinations where every pound of excess baggage counts, and regulator repair is not an option.



  • Titanium second stage construction
  • Patented Atomic Seat Saving Orifice
  • Patented Atomic Automatic Flow Control (AFC)
  • Rapid adjustment knob for manual second stage de-tuning in special situations
  • Polished 316 Stainless Steel Atomic Comfort Swivel
  • A new high-flow second stage case that significantly lowers breathing effort at any depth from shallow water to beyond the limits
  • Dual material second stage cover enables entire front to be used for purge
  • Dual silicone comfort fit mouthpiece with tear-resistant bite tabs