Atomic Aquatics Frameless II Mask


The Atomic Aquatics Frameless II Mask is truly a revolutionary improvement from its predecessor. By keeping all the features that it was popular for, and bringing in new improvements, it has brought fit, comfort and vision to new heights.

Combining two grades of silicone together for its silicone skirt, the mask sits in comfortably for most faces and provides great comfort for divers. The mask features a direct silicon-to-glass bond, and as such reduces the overall profile. This enables the user to enjoy a much wider view, and at the same time reducing the mask’s internal volume.

The improvement in the thin edge bending, provides an even better upward, downwards, and side to side visibility. Moreover, with the ULTRACLEAR lenses, divers truly get to enjoy an unparalleled underwater view.

The mask is recommended for divers of any experience level, and is suitable for diving or snorkelling purposes.



Atomic Aquatics Frameless II Mask

  • Special UltraSoft silicone sealing flange
  • Unmatched durability and resistance to breakage
  • Optical quality, distortion-free UltraClear lenses
  • Hydrodynamic styling with no exposed external frame
  • Wide vision and low volume
  • Great fit
  • Squeeze-to-adjust buckles
  • Clear or Black silicone rubber
  • Atomic Frameless 2 Masks are available in Standard, Medium and Large fits/sizes

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Black, Clear


Standard, Medium, Large