Apollo Bio Metal Premium Mask


Apollo Bio Metal Premium Mask is fitted with UV420 lens and the aluminium frame is of glossy finish. A very modern looking low volume mask

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Apollo Bio Metal Premium Mask

Apollo Bio Metal Premium Mask is designed by incorporating a lot of ingenuity to make the lens surface as close as possible to the face. Thereby achieving a good fitting and comfortable mask with a very small volume.

Having a small volume makes mask clearing a breeze; and equalising easy too!

The aluminium frame is mirror finished with an exclusive deep gloss, defining the mask to it’s best colour tone.

The Apollo Premium Bio Metal Masks come installed with the UV420 Lens.

The multilayer coating on the surface of tempered lens cuts wavelengths of blue through ultraviolet region from approximately 420 nm.

It is widely known that light rays with ultraviolet rays of 380 nm or less are harmful for the eyes and the skin. However, recently it has become apparent that light rays in the wavelength range between 420 nm and 380 nm within the visible ray also cause deterioration and diseases of eyes, such as oxidative stress and reduction of lutein.

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