Apollo Bio Metal Mask


The Apollo Bio-Metal mask features a strong, slim line aluminium frame allows EXTREMELY low volume design thereby increasing field of vision. Reduced width across nose centers the eyes in the lenses, eliminating distortion common in most masks. Uniquely shaped silicon skirt brings unparalleled comfort, fit and sealing.

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Apollo Bio Metal Mask

Apollo Bio Metal Mask offers the largest field of vision. Plastics and other materials are used for the average mask. This will require a thicker frame to remain stable. Using aluminium allows the Bio-Metal frame to be produced with a very low profile while still supporting a twin lens design. Twin lens design is preferable to single because it brings each lens closer to the eye for a wider field of vision and reduced inner volume. Aluminium also allows for a very minimal center pillar. The slim-line center pillar is narrow enough to have almost zero effect on field of vision

Divers often feel a slight distortion of view. This is because a lack of alignment between the lens and actual eye center. This mask is also able to fit prescription lenses.

Apollo lenses are grounded like a sphere to provide optimum efficiency at the center of the lens. The lens center is designed to more naturally match that of your eye. The Bio-Metal mask provides superb clarity and 180° field of vision.

Comfort is just as important as vision. The high quality surgical silicone flange is soft and designed to collapse accordion style, eliminating stress points on the delicate facial area. Built-in drainage channels allow a diver to clear without lifting off the face. Just look up and exhale lightly through the nose.

The low profile mask frame and soft flange make this an excellent fitting mask for almost any shape face.


  • Soft silicone skirt
  • Low profile aluminium frame
  • One-touch buckles for easy adjustment
  • Narrow center pillar
  • Twin lens low volume design
  • 100% made in Japan

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