PADI Open Water Dive Course eLearning


If you only have the time to complete your theory and pool sessions, and you’ll be planning a trip to exotic locations for dives, this PADI Referral course will be suitable for you.

Simply complete the theory and pool sessions and then you’ll be able to approach any PADI Dive Centre to complete your open sea evaluation dives at where you’ll be holidaying!

Or if you have completed your theory and pool sessions with a PADI dive centre, you can complete your open sea dives with us to obtain the PADI Open Water Certification card.

We offer the PADI e-Learning program whereby you can complete the theory and exams on the go. It’s a very convenient approach for people who travels a lot. This will thus enable you to come to us to complete your confined water sessions. We can easily set you up to complete the open sea dives to places like Manado, Similan, Bali, or anywhere you wish to go.

It’s much better for you to learn diving when you are at your most relaxed time.

Start today!

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