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PSAI Technical Diving Course

Waikiki Dive Center offers Technical diving course from PSAI, Professional Scuba Association International. Established since 1962. It is an agency that has been founded before IANTD and TDI.

The Professional Scuba Association International is one of the oldest technical scuba training agencies in the world. For many years it was a small, specialized organization that was predominantly involved with dive training associated with extended range deep air diving. Virtually all of the early history centers on the founder, Hal Watts.

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Choose from the list of Technical Diving Courses offered by Waikiki Dive Centre..

PADI Nitrox Diver Course

The most basic course for even the entry level! Learn how to extend your bottom time safely, and get the most out of your dives!

PSAI Advance Nitrox Course

This is designed for those divers who wish to utilise enriched air (Nitrox) at oxygen concentrations up to and including 100% by volume (EAN22 to Oxygen) in their diving activities, including stage decompression procedures.

PSAI Advance Buoyancy Control Course (Intro To Tech)

Intro to Tech Course train divers in the benefits and proper procedures for mastering buoyancy control at all times. Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may effectively increase their comfort level and their safety by fine-tuning their trim, position, kicking techniques and buoyancy in any diving environment.

PSAI Extended Range Diver Course

or those divers who wish to conduct dives beyond 45 meters (150 feet) but not exceeding 55 meters (180 feet), using staged decompression techniques for both depth and extended bottom times. This course uses air as the primary back gas and nitrox as decompression gas(es).

PSAI Cavern Diver Course

Divers who wish to enter areas where direct vertical access is not possible using proper techniques. This includes overhangs, ledges, simple openings and caverns. This course is conducted in the “daylight zone” of any solid (rock) overhead.

PSAI Wreck Penetration Course

This course is for divers who wish to penetrate wrecks using proper techniques. These penetrations are not simple swim-throughs, but rather multi-level or multi-turn dives. This course is NOT a “progressive penetration” memorization technique course but rather teaches proper line, reel techniques and protocols.

Technical Dive Gear Rental Rates

If you are not sure what equipment to get and would like to try out first, we have these for rental.

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