OMS Slipstream Fins

The OMS Slipstream Fins sports a design similar to the venerable Jet Fin, but instead of rubber, it’s made out of Monoprene resin –– a thermoplastic elastomer that delivers rubber-like performance but is much lighter. Indeed, this fin looks heavy, but it weighs no more than many modern fin designs.

The OMS Slipstream Fins are a pair of neutrally buoyant fins, making it a lightweight while delivering the performance you need underwater. Ideal for recreational, technical, wreck and high performance divers.

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OMS Slipstream Fins

  • Lightweight, High Performance Fin
  • Light Weight:
    Keeps Divers Legs in Optimal Position when Low-Silt Kicking
    Optimal for Divers Reduce Damage while Working Around Sensitive Marine Areas
  • Navy Tested Fin
  • Construction: Neutrally Buoyant Monoprene Resin Material
  • Better Trim Positioning with Maximum Thrust on Down Kick and Minimal Resistance on Up Kick
  • Spring Fin Strap Design
  • Spring Design: Depth Compensating for Boot Compression at Depth
  • Thick 4.5″ (11.4cm) Achilles Rubber Pad: Provides Unprecedented Comfort
  • Rubber Pad: Aids in Donning and Doffing

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