FLIP4 3 Filter Kit

FLIP4 Three Filter Kit with SHALLOW, DIVE & DEEP Filters Underwater Colour Correction System for GoPro Hero4, Hero3+, and Hero3.

Fits on both the Standard GoPro Housing and the GoPro Dive Housing.

The ultimate starter package for serious GoPro shooters!

This product has been discontinued.



FLIP4 3 Filter Kit

The Flip4 3 Filter Kit is an amazing 3 filter shallow, dive and dive kit by FLIP4 that assists professional divers in all diving depths to taking pictures. It is an underwater colour correction system suitable for GoPro Hero4, GoPro Hero3+ and GoPro Hero3. The kit consists of filters for GoPro appropriate for diving at all depths. Changing the coloured filters is convenient and takes place at a light touch of finger. Fabricated with world-class aircraft grade aluminium, it includes shallow, dive and deep GoPro filter underwater that are optimised between 5-20 ft, 20-50 ft and above 50 ft respectively. Even if diver is wearing thick gloves and guards, front camera can be accessed easily. The FLIP4 three filter kit even allows you to attach two filters at the same time. An optional 55mm Threaded Adapter is also available with FLIP 4 three filter kit, which permits you to attach one of Flip Filters’ 55mm filters or close-up lenses for use below or above the surface. With clamp-on design, its installation is made simple and there is no problem in operating at underwater shooting mode. Buy this product at good prices for best underwater videography and photography experience.