+15 MACROMATE Mini Lens

+15 MacroMate Mini Lens is an underwater Macro Lens used for capturing the details of a tiny subject whilst diving. This is an underwater lens appropriate for bringing any object on a big screen within 3 inches. This GoPro Macro Lens Underwater product is compatible with GoPro Hero4, Hero3+ and Hero3. +15 MacroMate Mini lens is an amazing device for macro footage and for getting razor sharp images of the same.

With the help of this durable and rugged Macro Lens for GoPro you can now video splendid pictures of startling aquatic life. The frame of this MacroMate Mini Lens is capable of capturing objects as small as a golf ball and displays stunning visuals on your display screen. Its custom designed optic glass aids in assisting you capture focused images. +15 MacroMate Mini Lens’s aluminium construction makes its body fit for rough and tough usage. It also has non-cumbersome flip design and can be used with either single or double filter frame. +15 MacroMate Mini lens even works with compatible cameras to give a wide, medium and narrow view in respective modes providing sharpest edges and impressive image quality.

+15 MacroMate Mini Underwater Macro Lens is suitable for GoPro Hero4, Hero3+, Hero3